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    Teaching Technology

    It is customary that the modus operand that we JNV Patan undertake for imparting educationist speaks of the progress and pace of the Teaching – Learning Process. It is customary that the modus operandi that we JNV Patan follow and adhere to the principles laid down by our great academicians and education  right from the time of Aristotle and Socrates tothe present day stalwarts.

    JNV Patan totally in line with its reputation takes every upgraded step for providing best and easy to comprehend mode of teaching. The Vidyalaya bases itself on the lecture method, class-room, peer group training, site seeing and the explanation of the concerned topic which is followed by a through discussion. In addition to this through various power-points and on line teaching programmes. We believe in imparting education through the most modern technology  viz. computer audio-visual assistance.

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