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    Art Education

    The art education programme is an expansion of the Samiti's pace setting activities. Besides providing an opportunity for the students to inculcate nationalistic values through cross interchange, it also emphasizes upon education enrichment and integration with the community in which the Vidyalaya is located. To understand the meaning of art and creativity, the concept of art education and its significance in the school curriculum. In addition to their intrinsic value, the arts give an insight into other aspects of life, helping people understand themselves and the world in which they live.
    The Main Objectives are:

    To help the student to identify feedings thoughts, emotions and fantasies as an interaction to the environment.

    To inculcate the habit and linking for order in regard to his belongings pertaining to art activities.

    To create an awareness among the learners to respond to the beauty in line, colour and form.

    To provide suitable natural environment which is indispensable for teaching leaning fine arts.

    To explore the ways and means for developing creativity among the school children.

    To provide a variety for creative expression for learners to experiment with.

    To realize that the arts help to meet basic human need & creative personal expressions.

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